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The lecture part of the class was a good way to learn the things you needed to know and it wasn’t that hard to understand the material. Through the skills days you apply the knowledge that you learn on lecture days to learning how to actually treat an injury. It is nice having different teachers because you can get different experiences through them. The skills days also brings you closer to your peers as you’re “treating” them. The experiences at the volunteer squad and the emergency departments really opened my eyes to the type of injuries and illnesses there are. I had a great time during my class and I would definitely recommend taking it if you’re at all interested in the healthcare field.

Khuslen Enkbold

After graduating high school, I felt my EMT certification was more valuable than my diploma. The tangible skills and thorough education Sage training provided me with left me feeling confident and excited to engage with my community. The instructors were experienced and well-versed in their knowledge of pre-hospital care and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Thanks to the extent this course prepared me, my practicals and final exam were a breeze!

The content in the EMT course was all straightforward and easy to understand. I never felt like I was learning things that were not applicable to the field, and our instructor always kept things interesting by mixing in stories from his personal experience as an EMT that were related to the topics we were learning. The lectures had the potential to be a little bit dry at times, but thanks to the humor and warm personality of our instructor, I never felt that it got too boring. I would 10/10 recommend taking this course if you are considering getting your NREMT certification!

As a pre-med student, I thought getting my EMT certification would be a great addition to my resume, but it ended up being so much more than just that. Saruhan and the fantastic skills instructors’ passion for teaching truly motivated me to engage in the pre-hospital care field for reasons beyond those that initially inspired me to take the course. The experiences they shared from the field gave terrific insight as to what EMTs really encountered on a day-to-day basis. I could not recommend this course and Sage Training enough!

The CPR course was very easy to follow, and I felt well-prepared at its conclusion. The instructors were terrific at paying attention to each student’s individual needs and responding accordingly. I had taken another course previously, and the detail and personalized instruction was significantly better through this program. I left actually feeling confident in applying my skills if ever necessary!


Austin Murray

Sage Training provides an excellent path to EMT and CPR certification. The program is well balanced, pairing academic lectures and text-based learning with practical skills training and hands on demonstrations. In addition to being extremely competent, instructors are dedicated and responsive to the differing abilities and learning styles of a diverse group of students. They maintain the high level of rigor required to prepare students for the challenge of certification exams without creating a stressful or unwelcoming learning environment, and are always willing to take the time for an individual student’s questions. Sage Training gives students the knowledge and competence not only to pass their exams, but to perform admirably in the field after certification.

Siena Grevatt

The chance to get EMT certified as a high schooler was a unique experience that allowed me to explore a possible career paths early on. Few college freshman can say that they are a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician. The course allows students to gain hands-on experience in the medical field as well as a certification that opens doors for future jobs, internships, and volunteer positions. The challenging yet extremely rewarding nature of the class material helped me get a better grasp of what day-to-day duties of an EMT encompass. My instructors were exceptionally knowledgeable and always willing to explain concepts in different ways to aid in student’s understanding. I will always be thankful for the opportunity to take such a class and the subsequent opportunities it presented me with.

Kira Sweetman