Why Sage


SAGE Training is committed to educating its students to develop and excel at the knowledge, skills and the values that will not only encourage them to reach their professional goals but also make them community-minded and caring EMS providers dedicated to providing excellent service to patients.


Integrity, Diversity, Professionalism and Life-Long Learning are core values of SAGE Training. Our students integrate these values into their academic goals and the faculty supports SAGE students in accomplishing these objectives. Achievement is the ultimate goal and the word Fail means “First Attempt In Learning” for us. We will always embrace the opportunity to improve ourselves, in teaching and learning, adopting and integrating the newest technologies that the field requires to achieve the best outcome.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff are dedicated to the success of our students and will work with them in every step of the way towards earning their state and national EMT certification. With significant field and teaching experience, the faculty has a passion for EMS and fully results-oriented. Our students will experience first-hand one-on-one attention throughout the duration of the program.

Facilities and Equipment

SAGE Training currently operates at the Arlington Career Center (ACC) as we continue to look into opening other training sites. Maintenance of facility and equipment are a reflection of our organization’s commitment to education. We maintain a clean, organized and interactive environment that is conducive to learning and retention. Technology and interactivity are integral elements of our teaching to maximize the educational experience of our students.

Curricula & Programs

Our curriculum is based on satisfying the standards of National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) as well as the Virginia Office of EMS (VAOEMS). The program is taught utilizing a “non-traditional” method adopted by SAGE Training and approved by the VAOEMS. The curriculum prepares students for the practical and written examinations required for EMT certification. As part of the program requirements, SAGE Training provides the needed ambulance ride-alongs for their students. We collaborate with EMS 3 Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department to satisfy clinical requirements.