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EMT Training IcoEMT Training

Emergency Medical Technicians or EMTs provide basic emergency medical care and transportation for critical patients who access the emergency medical system…more

EMT Refresher

Once students are certified as EMTs in VA and at the National Registry level, they are responsible for keeping their certification current through Continuing Education (CE)…more

CPR Courses

The BLS Healthcare Provider Course is intended for certified or non-certified, licensed or non-licensed healthcare professionals. Heartsaver CPR AED is designed for non-professionals…more

This is what SAGE Training students say about us…

…The course allows students to gain hands-on experience in the medical field as well as a certification that opens doors for future jobs, internships, and volunteer positions…My instructors were exceptionally knowledgeable and always willing to explain concepts in different ways to aid in student’s understanding…all testimonials Kira Sweetman

…I felt my EMT certification was more valuable than my diploma. The tangible skills and thorough education Sage training provided me with left me feeling confident and excited to engage with my community. The instructors were experienced and well-versed in their knowledge of pre-hospital care and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Thanks to the extent this course prepared me, my practicals and final exam were a breeze!

Austin Murray

The lecture part of the class was a good way to learn the things you needed to know and it wasn’t that hard to understand the material. Through the skills days you apply the knowledge that you learn on lecture days to learning how to actually treat an injury…The experiences at the volunteer squad and the emergency departments really opened my eyes to the type of injuries and illnesses there are. I had a great time during my class and I would definitely recommend taking it if you’re at all interested in the healthcare field.

Khuslen Enkbold

…The program is well balanced, pairing academic lectures and text-based learning with practical skills training and hands on demonstrations. In addition to being extremely competent, instructors are dedicated and responsive to the differing abilities and learning styles of a diverse group of students… Sage Training gives students the knowledge and competence not only to pass their exams, but to perform admirably in the field after certification.

Siena Grevatt